About Tohoku University

Tohoku University was established as Japan's third national university in 1907.

Located on the ancient site of Aoba Castle in Sendai City, Tohoku University is proud to be ranked among Japan's leading universities.

In 1911, Vice Minister of Education Masataro Sawayanagi, moved to Sendai to become Tohoku University’s first president. Sawayanagi firmly believed that academic research should be integrated with education. He also believed that a university should not discriminate based on class or gender.

Following this principle, Tohoku University accepted graduates from technical and higher normal schools, and despite opposition from the government at that time, became Japan’s first university to admit female students in 1913.

  • Facts & Figures

    Tohoku university statistics: enrolment, faculties, annual revenue, academic exchanges and more.

  • Facilities

    Tohoku University has a range of facilities that are open to the public.

  • Organization Chart

    Information about the organization of Tohoku University.

  • History

    Tohoku University was established in 1907 as the third national university in Japan.

  • President's Message

    A message from Tohoku University's President Teiji Tominaga.

  • Designated National University

    Tohoku University was recognised as one of the country's top three institutions by the Japanese Government in June 2017.

  • Top Global University Project

    The Top Global University Project is run by the Japanese government. It aims to prepare more graduates of the country's academic institutions for positions of global leadership.

  • Global Network

    Tohoku University's unique global network is comprised of academic exchange agreements with many top educational institutions around the world.

Promotional Videos

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    Hear what our students have to say about studying at Tohoku University.?

Facts at a Glance

  • tohoku university
  • Founded 1907

  • Students (As of May 2022)

    • Enrollment: 17,591
    • Undergraduates: 10,629
    • Graduates (Master's Program/Profession Degree Program): 4,232
    • Graduates (Doctoral Program): 2,730
    • International students: 1,732
      (including non-degree students)
  • Campus

    • Principal four campuses in Sendai City
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    • 雷速体育_中国足彩网¥在线直播 Institutes: 6
    • Inter-Department Institutes for Education and 雷速体育_中国足彩网¥在线直播: 15
  • International Exchanges/Affairs

    • Academic Exchange Agreements with Foreign Institutions 252 in 38 countries
    • Departmental exchanges 470 in 59 countries
  • Faculty

    • Faculty members: 3,166
    • Nobel laureates: 5
  • Library Collection

    • 4,194,340 volumes
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