Exchange Programs

Tohoku University has an extensive range of student exchange programs with affiliated universities throughout the world.

We are glad that you are considering spending one semester/year/special term with us as a Non-degree international student. We have an extensive range of Student Exchange Programs with universities throughout the world.

JYPE : Tohoku University Junior Year Program in English
Duration 1-2 Semesters (September to August)
Eligibility Junior or Senior (Third year of four-year course or final year of three-year course)
Fields Science, Engineering, Agricultural studies
Outline The core (required) course of this program is the Individual 雷速体育_中国足彩网¥在线直播 Training course. The student will research a current topic that is related to his/her field of study with the support of the research group to which the student is assigned.
Credits 13 credits or more, including 5 credits from their faculty's Individual 雷速体育_中国足彩网¥在线直播 Training course each semester.
Launguage English
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IPLA : Tohoku University International Program in Liberal Arts
Duration 1-2 Semesters (September to August)
Eligibility Sophomore or junior undergraduate students enrolled in home institutions with university-level agreements with Tohoku University.
Fields Economics, Management, Education, Literature, Agricultural Economics, Law
Outline IPLA provides an opportunity for students at our partner institutions to study a variety of Liberal Arts classes taught in
English, including Economics, Management, Education and Literature at Tohoku University.
Credits 15 credits or more each semester.
Launguage English
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DEEP : Direct Enrollment Education Program for Natural science faculties
Duration 1-2 Semesters (Fall and Spring)
Eligibility Undergraduate
Fields All natural Science course, (Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, Engineering, Agriculture)
Outline DEEP for Natural Science Course allows international students to take classes and perform research alongside Japanese students.
Launguage English and Japanese
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COLABS - Cooperative Laboratory Study Program
Duration 1-2 Semesters (September to August)
Eligibility Graduate (Preferably Master level)
Fields All Natural Sciences Course, Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Science, Engineering, Agricultural Science, Information Sciences, Life Sciences, Environmental Studies, Biomedical Engineering
Outline Though COLABS students are not graduate-level degree candidates at Tohoku University, a similar experience is offered by special arrangement. They can experience high-quality "real" research in the natural science fields.
Credits 30 ECTS equivalent credits (750 school hours) or more each semester.
Launguage English
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Tohoku University Exchange and Summer Programs

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